our services at a glance

Independent Financial Advisory

We provide internationally diversified wealth management solutions to Maltese and Italian customers from our operative office in Valletta. We strive to become our clients’ exclusive and sustainable partner by providing tailored wealth management solutions together with multi-currency platform concept and investment expertise led to global diversification for our clients. We are an independent investment advisory committed to transparency and personalized service with the power of tailor made investments. 

Independent and separate from any conflicts of interest, we adopt an holistic and simple business model in order to optimize the costs/benefits ratio with a permanent research of best in class counterparties. Goldberg Pan-European Wealth Consulting Ltd. uses a fee’s policy that favors realizing objectives and performance and doesn’t receive, in full transparency, any retrocession from the selected business partners. This is the challenge that we have decided to meet in the today’s changing wealth management market. 

We are exclusively focused to the achievement of absolute performance and we manage our client’s assets without any benchmark. Our task is to help our clients to understand the more complex scenarios, to set goals and priorities, to identify the best strategies and to adopt the most effective solutions for their needs.

MFSA Investment Advisor License Cat. 1B

Our investment services license category 1B (with registration number C8913) give us the opprtunity to offer, in Malta and in Italy, the follwing services to institutional and private clients:

  • Investment advice
  • Reception and transmission of orders
  • Placing of instruments without a firm commitment basis