From the banking background to full independence


Our Background

Back in 2014 a group of friends and former colleagues (all ex Swiss based private bankers) began comparing notes about the quality of advice they were receiving from their previous financial services providers. All had complex financial pictures and were thinking actively about their personal clients, financial lives and the long-term stewardship of all they had earned.

Soon, what started as conversations among a group of professionals with no intention of founding a wealth management firm led to the realization that the kind of firm they were looking for: a fully independent investment advisor. So they decided to build it.

Our Business Partners

We act, operate and growth with a small selection of high profiled service providers which are much more than simple business partners. We count on a restricted group of banks, insurance companies, wealth planners, lawyers, fund managers, financial providers and art dealers which share with us common principles and goals.


Our priciple is to be rewarded on the real benefit deliverd which consist in high level services or valuable and concrete portfolio performances. We act totally under the last MiFID II rules in the bloc and improve protections for investors with the aim of restoring confidence in the industry after the financial crisis exposed weaknesses in the system. Acting with the deep sense of independency, we focus our service offering on the economics: "very low execution  and banking fees without any hidden economic advantages" .

our three pillars

Capital Protection


We cannot be performance driven whitout before take care about risks



We feel us responsible and we take any challege as our



Our customers are involved in the entire process as part of every decision